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How Strong Are Your Managers’ Basic Leadership Skills? – Quiz

Too many managers lack the basic leadership skills that are essential to driving team success, providing quality service, and ultimately, keeping employees longer. When turnover is high everyone and everything suffers, which is why finding the root cause of the issue is so important. Is your organization losing people and money over management issues that […]

The REAL Reasons Caregivers Say They Quit

On exit surveys, when employees are asked why they’ve chosen to leave their organization, the most frequently selected option is “other.” We got curious about what those “other” reasons really are. According to data collected by WeCare Connect, the nation’s leading provider of employee surveys for the senior care industry, the following are actual responses […]

5 Time and Productivity Hacks for Busy and Burned-Out Managers

One of the causes of unnecessary employee turnover is the fact that supervisors, managers, and directors are far busier today than ever before thanks to a strategic model called “do more with less.” This philosophy has caused organizations to put more than manageable workloads onto leaders plates and it’s more critical than ever to be […]

How to Listen Well to Your Employees

Employer listening to employee

At your organization, is there any chance your leaders might be a bit disconnected from your front line? Could they be making decisions about policies, compensation, benefits, procedures, and systems without understanding today’s new workforce? Is anyone making the common mistake of assuming many jobs are still the same as they used to be back […]

Why Do Employees Leave When They Do? A Timeline of Employee Turnover

It’s time to get away from the “it’s you, not me” mindset.   How are you – as a leader and as a company – contributing to your employee turnover? There is plenty that employers can do proactively to reduce potential turnover, yet many prefer to blame the new hires who “weren’t the right fit” […]

Does Meaningful Work Attract Talent?

Spouses stick it out in tough times because they made a commitment. New parents endure sleepless nights to ensure their little one feels loved and secure. And many employees will persevere through less-than-ideal circumstances when they know their work matters.   As a leader, do you ensure your employees know and understand the “why” behind […]

Celebrating 10 Years of Magnet Culture

We were founded in 2012 and by our first birthday, we had created a powerful (and future-award-winning) generational keynote to help audiences navigating multiple generations in the workplace, which was and still is challenging. In 2014, Workforce magazine in Chicago named me a “Game Changer” for our unique approach to bridging generational gaps in the […]

Learning retention strategies from … your favorite sports team?

No matter your sport of choice, you can take a few lessons from your favorite sports team into the workplace. When a team is down at halftime, they don’t throw out everything they’ve done to that point. No coach throws out their entire playbook in the middle of a game. Instead, they make adjustments based […]

Management Effectiveness Makes or Breaks Retention Efforts

By Cara Silletto, MBA, and Leah Brown – Magnet Culture High employee turnover can be affected by a myriad of factors – you know this. But no matter the company, the most beneficial place to start with retention efforts resides at the top: Improving management effectiveness. You can find the best talent, put all your […]