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Here’s how organizations that have worked with us have completely turned around their company’s workforce retention.

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I love Cara’s style! She just captivated me. Great stories. Great relevant information. I felt like I was living the same kind of thing. It was great information.”

“Her topic is so important and it really opened my mind to think differently about Millennials in the workplace, and to recognize that it’s not a one size fits all thing.”

“It was really eye-opening for us because we were able to say, ‘Ok. Over the past three years, 54% of our people that are new don’t even make it to six months.’  We’re now tracking that quarterly and in this last quarter, we’ve seen a 10% improvement on our new hires staying past that 6-month mark.”

“To me, what makes a personality assessment valuable is the context that is able to be supplied and shared to support the results, what creates the results, and how to use the results. I think that’s something that your organization has done a fantastic job with. It made a lasting impact on the people that went through the process.”

 “Wow! Her expertise is irrefutable. She knows what she’s talking about. I can see her taking any company and absolutely helping with retention.”

“If you want somebody to really capture your group, and motivate them, and get them enthused about this topic, she’s the gal. There’s no doubt.”

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Staying Power: Why your employees leave and how to keep them longer

Learn how the workforce has changed, why it’s a struggle to keep talent, and the steps to take to build a sustainable organization.

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