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Welcome to our Staying Power Vault, where you’ll find helpful tools to reduce unnecessary employee turnover and bridge generational gaps within your workforce.  The list is constantly growing, so keep checking back for new resources.

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Downloadable Resources

Magnet Culture’s Cost of Turnover Calculator Worksheet

While cost of turnover calculators can be found online, Crescendo offers an editable list of tangible and intangible costs associated with excessive employee turnover for your leadership and HR teams to discuss. Review this worksheet to ensure you are accounting for hidden expenses and losses you may have overlooked.

Magnet Culture Why Employees Leave Timeline

Curious why you have so much less-than-30-day turnover, or why most of your new hires leave at the 18-month mark? Check out our timeline of common reasons employees quit at certain times in their tenure to prioritize how your organization could more effectively retain staff at those times.

Retention Specialist Sample Job Description

More organizations are hiring dedicated staff to focus on employee retention. To see what a Retention Specialist role looks like, view our sample job description that outlines potential responsibilities for that position, as well as requirements for the individual needed for that role.

Staying Power Group Discussion Questions

After all your leaders and managers have read Staying Power, download our list of group discussion questions as you continue the retention conversation internally. Contact us if facilitated group coaching calls with a Crescendo Strategies retention expert could be beneficial.

Millennial Mindset eBook

Cara’s most requested presentation topic is on understanding Millennials. Download her brief guide and share it with everyone you know who needs to better understand how today’s new workforce sees the work world.

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