Senior Retention Strategist

  • Shelonda helps organizational leaders identify what’s happening with the current employment landscape and she shifts manager mindsets so they can better lead and retain today’s new workforce.
  • She has used her expertise in a variety of corporate teams: Training and Development, Employee Engagement, HR Communications, and Corporate Communications.
  • As the youngest GenXer, she sits in the sweet spot for bridging the generational gaps because she can speak to both the expectations of traditional managers and the evolved expectations of today’s new workforce.

Check out her PDF speaker flyer here!

Watch a snippet of Shelonda speaking here!

What Clients Say About Cara

Shelonda’s presence, passion and investment in people are undeniable and greatly appreciated.  Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious and welcoming to anyone stepping into one of our events.
Sr. Training Specialist

I have been with this company for 11 years and have had countless hours of training. Your training was the best training I have ever been in.
Team Member

Her delivery could start a revolution.
Director HR