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Welcome, PHI!

Welcome to the Magnet Culture Workforce Retention Bootcamp! This is your PHI page for all the resources you’ll need throughout this program. Contact Emily with questions or concerns anytime!


Part 1: Is this our new staffing reality? Current employment market trends and future projections

Workforce (Perception) Survey

Post-Session Survey


Part 2: He should know better! The generational story you’ve never heard

Post-Session Survey


Part 3: Come on, let’s go, go go! Motivators that drive individuals in various ways

Post-Session Survey

Motivators & Behaviors Assessments:

Glenaire Assessment – (Due June 22)

Scotia Village Assessment – (Due June 22)

River Landing Assessment – (Due July 15)


Part 4: Who does that!? Behaviors of different personalities and yourself

Post-Session Survey

Talent Insights Debriefing Workbook


Part 5: I want to work there! Building an organization that attracts and keeps talent

Post-Session Survey


Part 6: I love my boss! Management strategies for improving staff loyalty and longevity

Post-Session Survey


Part 7: Say what!? Communicating more effectively with your team

Post-Session Survey


Part 8: Where do I go from here? Retention program recap and action planning

Workforce Survey

Knowledge Assessment

Post-Program Survey

Extra reading

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