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Working with Associations

NSA Hidden Page

Thanks for attending my NSA program about working with associations! Here are the resources you may find helpful. You’re welcome to make them your own, but please don’t share these outside our NSA family.

Email me if you need anything else added to this page as a resource!

Watch Cara's 1-Hour NSA Webinar Now!

This members-only webinar was recorded for the NSA – Kentucky Chapter to help speakers learn about the association world. Cara’s insider knowledge as a former association education director herself shares tips for bringing more value to association members through speaking and training programs.

Downloadable Samples & Resources

Sample Association Workshop Flyer – Sell the Idea, THEN Build the Program (Made for free on Canva.com)

Sample Hidden Web Page for Clients – This NSA page is a sample hidden web page with extra resources, but you can also see the real hidden page (MagnetVault.com) we offer our regular clients and attendees here. The link provided will take you directly into the hidden site. However, we require an email address from our audience members to enter so that we can add them to our email list.

Speaker Agreement Language for Client Introductions


Call for Presenters (CFP) – Questions to Ask before Submitting

Client Promo Videos

Here are some sample promo videos I’ve made for client events using my phone camera. It’s better than nothing and cheaper than professional videography!

I used to make these using a cheap phone app called VivaVideoPro, then my assistant started using iMovie, which is free on all Mac computers. Now we’ve upgraded to Animoto, which is an inexpensive DIY video editing subscription service.

And I try to make the content generic so I can use one video for multiple clients by just swapping out the intro and closing slides, although some groups require a custom message.


MADE USING iMOVIE (free on all Mac laptops):