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A Candid Discussion About Race for Business Leaders: Webinar Recap

Business leaders struggle with what to say and when to say it to ensure they are fostering a healthy and diverse culture. In a recent webinar hosted by Cara Silletto,  Demetria Miles McDonald, founder of Decide Diversity shared what companies can do to create a work environment where all employees feel safe, respected, and heard. […]

Crescendo Strategies is now Magnet Culture

My professional mission in life has always been to help people and businesses grow. That is why the name Crescendo Strategies made sense when I created my company in 2012. Crescendo is a musical term meaning “to progressively grow in intensity” and it fit the approach I had planned since I wasn’t yet sure how […]

Stop Hiring Recruiters When You Really Need A Retention Specialist!

If employee retention is a major issue for your organization, why are you hiring an additional recruiter? Why put a bandage on the issue by adding to the recruiting team, when “recruiting the wrong people” is only a tiny part of the real causes for increased turnover? Instead, consider hiring and empowering a Retention Specialist […]