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How Do I Make My Managers More Effective?

The 3 Keys to Increasing Management Effectiveness to Reduce Turnover Have you ever sat on a 3-legged stool with only two legs? No, of course not – it’s a silly question. Why? Because if you sit on a 3-legged stool with only 2 legs, you and your efforts fall flat. It’s the same in an […]

One Way to Keep Your Employees Longer: Know Them!

We know that leaders are passionate about providing the best customer care. We also know that not being able to keep employees is both a massive detriment to that goal and just plain frustrating. In our management training program, Workforce Retention Bootcamp, we teach that one sure way to retain your staff for longer is […]

The Problem with Attendance Policy Grace Periods

Often, I teach why and how leaders must communicate their expectations more clearly than ever since today’s new workforce cannot read their minds. In those workshops, I hear about staff “missing the boat” on company or manager expectations. As we dive into the details, the issue becomes clear. Managers know the unwritten rules we’ve played […]

A Candid Discussion About Race for Business Leaders: Webinar Recap

Business leaders struggle with what to say and when to say it to ensure they are fostering a healthy and diverse culture. In a recent webinar hosted by Cara Silletto,  Demetria Miles McDonald, founder of Decide Diversity shared what companies can do to create a work environment where all employees feel safe, respected, and heard. […]

Crescendo Strategies is now Magnet Culture

My professional mission in life has always been to help people and businesses grow. That is why the name Crescendo Strategies made sense when I created my company in 2012. Crescendo is a musical term meaning “to progressively grow in intensity” and it fit the approach I had planned since I wasn’t yet sure how […]

Learning retention strategies from … your favorite sports team?

No matter your sport of choice, you can take a few lessons from your favorite sports team into the workplace. When a team is down at halftime, they don’t throw out everything they’ve done to that point. No coach throws out their entire playbook in the middle of a game. Instead, they make adjustments based […]

Do I have to thank staff who show up?

By Cara Silletto, MBA In my mind, gratefulness and frustration are at two different ends of one spectrum. If you feel one, it’s difficult to feel the other at the same time, and people land – at any given moment – somewhere on the spectrum between the two extremes. I see this both in personal […]